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Lack of quorum means no vote on town-house development


Changes made to the landscaping plan for a new Proprietors Road town-house development probably will be approved by Worthington City Council, though the developer might have to wait until September to know for sure.

The issue was supposed to come to a vote at the scheduled July 21 council meeting, which could not be held because of a lack of a quorum.

Of the seven council members, only Bonnie Michael, Scott Myers and Rachael Dorothy showed up for the meeting. Four members must attend, or the meeting cannot be held.

Council recesses for the month of August, meeting next on Sept. 2.

Those who attended spoke informally with Simsbury Place developer Chris Vince.

Myers said he believes the changes made to the fence, setbacks and parking lot during construction of the new town houses were improvements over the plans the city had approved.

The builder moved a fence planned for the property line six feet closer to the new town houses to allow existing trees and shrubbery to remain and eliminated tree islands to allow for more maneuverability in the parking lot.

During an interview after the meeting, Vince said all 10 town houses are rented, as are all 16 of the apartments in the three-story Simsbury Place apartment building next door.

The development is built on the site of the former offices of the now defunct Worthington Foods.

In 2005, the city granted a development plan for the development, which was to be two matching three-story condominium buildings with a parking garage on the ground level.

The first building was completed, but the units did not sell, leaving it standing empty for several years. The second building was never erected.

In late 2010, Vince purchased the building and in 2012 received permission from the city to build 10 town houses where the second building had been planned.

Vince decided to rent the 16 condos as apartments. All of those also are rented, he said.

The town houses were completed in March.

"Everything is full," Vince said. "People tend to like these."