PreCycle Day is about to roll around again.

PreCycle Day is about to roll around again.

The citywide exchange of reusable goods will be Saturday, Aug. 16, rain or shine.

That is the day when residents are invited to place near their curbsides items they no longer need but that could be used by someone else.

This week is a good time to clean out the basement, garage or back bedroom to get items ready for PreCycle. Few limits are on what may be given away, but typical items are furniture, toys, books, tools, kitchenware and sporting goods.

No money is exchanged. Residents are encouraged to browse their neighborhoods for items they might need and to meet their neighbors in the process.

Sponsored by Sustainable Worthington since 2010, PreCycle Day is held twice a year: in April and August.

PreCycle Days are now held on Saturdays, unlike the first events, which were held on Thursdays.

The switch to Saturdays was made to allow more people to be home to participate. The drawback is that all items not claimed by the end of the day must be removed by the owners by 6 p.m. Saturday.

The PreCycle website suggests finding a home for unwanted items on a local Facebook page that deals with giving away free stuff. Three such pages are PreCycleDay, Worthington Estates Free/ Lend/Borrow and Colonial Hills Free/Lend/Borrow.

Many charities also accept unwanted items.

PreCycle was started in April 2010 by a group of Sustainable Worthington members who were looking for a way to recycle unwanted but still usable household goods.

Members of the organization continue to organize the event, making sure it is publicized with handbills, yard signs, a Village Green sign and electronic notifications.