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Worthington's Fresh Thyme will resemble Dublin's

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The Fresh Thyme Farmers Market grocery that will open in Worthington will be similar to this Dublin store, which opened Aug. 13.

To get a quick taste of what is in store for Worthington next year, take a trip to the Fresh Thyme Farmers Market that opened in Dublin on Aug. 13.

Located in the former Borders bookstore at 6670 Sawmill Road, the Dublin Fresh Thyme is the first in Ohio and one of 60 that will be opened across the Midwest by 2019, according to developers from Chicago-based InSite Realty.

The Worthington Fresh Thyme is scheduled to open next spring at 933 High St. The two-story blue office building currently on that site will be demolished to make way for the 28,000-square-foot grocery.

Developers have told Worthington officials the store would feature natural, healthful food at reasonable prices. When asked if it would be like Whole Foods, they said it would be, but the prices would be lower.

Though a thorough price comparison was not done, the specials advertised in front of the store last week included three cantaloupes for $1, organic broccoli for 98 cents a pound and salmon for $4.98 a pound.

Inside are the expected departments, including extensive produce in the middle of the store, fresh meat and fish and packaged goods representing only "natural, healthy" brands.

As with Whole Foods, shoppers won't find any of the popular lines of processed food. One must stop elsewhere to purchase a case of Coke or a bag of Lay's.

Made-to-order pizzas and other foods are sold near the front of the store. A sandwich/cup-of-soup combo costs $5.

A few tables are available outside the store, but unlike Whole Foods, it has no in-store restaurant.

The store also carried beer and wine and many lines of natural vitamins and health-and-beauty items.