The owners of a new apartment complex touts spectacular views, granite countertops, a dog wash and two chargers for electric cars.

The owners of a new apartment complex touts spectacular views, granite countertops, a dog wash and two chargers for electric cars.

Heights at Worthington Place tenants will have those amenities this week as the first of two apartment buildings opens next to Worthington's mall.

Ten of the 59 one- and two-bedroom units in the smaller of the two buildings were leased prior to the complex's Sept. 2 opening, and owners say they're confident the rest will fill soon.

Tom Hoying and Russ Hunter of Crawford Hoying, which built both of the buildings, hosted Worthington city officials on a tour Aug. 28.

After looking at one of the two-bedroom apartments in the four-story building, they toured the roof, where gardens, grills, and tables and chairs are included, with towering views of Worthington, the Olentangy River and beyond.

"That will be the most beautiful sunset view in the city of Worthington," City Council President Bonnie Michael said. "You can sit there and see the whole western sky."

Each apartment comes with either a balcony or a patio.

The apartments also come with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, walk-in closets, and vinyl flooring and carpeting.

Only one- and two-bedroom units are available in the smaller building, but the larger building that faces West Wilson Bridge Road will include 11 three-bedroom apartments.

The conversion of planned one-bedrooms-into-three-bedroom apartments was made when builders realized the larger units were popular in the building Crawford Hoying recently completed on Lane Avenue in Upper Arlington.

More empty-nest couples than expected rented space at The Lane. Typically, those couples need more space so they can keep some of the furnishings and other items they have accumulated over the years, Hunter said.

As in Upper Arlington, older couples in Worthington are expected to be attracted to the convenience and liveliness of the apartments next to the Shops at Worthington Place.

"People want that more walkable environment," Hunter said. "They don't want or need the big house any longer."

The building that opened this week is pet-friendly, with a dog wash stationed inside the front door.

Underground parking is available for an additional fee, with the rest of the parking outside. Two of the indoor parking spaces have chargers for electric cars.

The owners said additional soundproofing between floors and apartments should provide a quiet living environment.

Before approving the construction project, the owners went into units and jumped up and down to make sure they could not be heard in the apartment below, they said.

"People are not going to renew their lease if they are bothered by noise," Hoying said.

The larger building facing Wilson Bridge Road should be completed in a few months. A total of 193 apartments will be available in the two buildings.

The apartments in the larger building will be constructed above and behind 23,000 square feet of office space facing the road on the first floor and will include two floors of indoor parking and more amenities, which will be shared with residents of the smaller building.

Amenities will include an outdoor deck with a pool and a fire pit; a fitness area; and a community room with televisions and a bring-your-own bar.

Rent ranges from $990 to $1,440 a month for the one- and two-bedroom units. Rent for the three-bedroom units is not listed on the website for the Heights at Worthington Place.