2011 Editorial Awards

Press Club of Cleveland 2011 Excellence in Journalism Awards

Newspaper-Web Site Design, Second
Staff, ThisWeek Community Newspapers
Sports Action: First
Chris Parker, ThisWeek New Albany
Soccer Collision
In a category loaded with decent work, Chris edged out the competition with great facial expression.
Sports Action: Second
Chris Parker, ThisWeek Bexley
Interlocked at the arms and leg of the opponent, this shot stands out for the runner's-up position.
Sports Feature: Second
Adam Cairns, ThisWeek Olentangy
Underwater Diver
Adam gets the runner's-up place not only for the image, but for the effort in getting the shot.
General Feature: First
Adam Cairns, ThisWeek Olentangy
Polar Bear
An artistic reflection blends both sides of the glass for a creative image. Good eye.
General Feature: Second
Lorie Cecil, ThisWeek Licking County
Coke Geyser
Great expression makes this a fun photo.
Studio Photography: Second
Chris Parker, ThisWeekNews.com
Jamaican Salmon
Simplicity and lighting makes this the runner-up.
Photo Journalism: First
Adam Cairns, ThisWeek Marysville
585th Homecoming
Cairns was complete in his shooting, which was complemented by a strong edit. Good content coupled with just enough nicely composed images.
Photo Journalism: Second
Adam Cairns, Rocky Fork Enterprise
Sweet Success
Cairns brings to print a nice touch in the life of the syrup-making Richardson. The work displayed an effort by Cairns to get a good balance of photos.
Photo Journalism: Second
Lorie Cecil, ThisWeek New Albany
Putting on a Show
Cecil worked hard to pull out story-telling images working in low-light situations.
Pictorial: First
Lorie Cecil, ThisWeek Dublin Villager
Galloping Cowboy
Lorie takes "not much to work with" and creates a nice silhouetted image that works well.
Public Service: First
Lin Rice, Jeff Donahue, ThisWeek Marysville
Marysville income tax issue
Investigative: Second
Gary Budzak, ThisWeek Hilliard
City continues to question CVB finances
A Freedom of Information request is used to good effect in this series.
Sports: First
Patrick Dolan, ThisWeek Community Newspapers
Football heads list for violent blows
A big problem at all levels of sports. Writer brought home the severity of injuries to a local level. Good info.
Sports: Second
Paul Batterson, ThisWeek Olentangy
Uhles take sibling rivalry to new heights
A feel-good story in which both do well. Liked the connection to the older brother.
Community/Local Coverage: First
Bonnie Butcher, ThisWeek Olentangy
All City Commercial property in a TIF
Interesting and well-covered topic, which reveals a watchdog aspect of journalism and making folks aware of what goes on with local government. Good variety of sources.
Best Section, First
ThisWeek Hilliard Sports/Ben Cason, ThisWeek Community Newspapers
Sports Section
Excellent use of photos distinguishes this outstanding array of local sports. Football, track, gymnastics, wresting, swimming -- there is something here for everyone. Solid writing. Lots of names and faces. Well done.
Best In Ohio: Photographer: Second
Adam Cairns, ThisWeek Newspapers
Body of Work
Single Cartoon, Non-Daily Newspapers: First
Jim Larrick, ThisWeek Canal Winchester
Oil Spill Aftermath
Single Cartoon, Non-Daily Newspapers: Second
Jim Larrick, ThisWeek Bexley
Happy Thanksgiving Scan
Press Club of Cleveland 2010 Excellence in Journalism Awards
Sports Action: First
Tim Norman, ThisWeek Licking County
Battle for the Ball
Tim catches peak action with a good crop and exposure. Best action shot in the category.
Sports Feature: First
Tim Norman, ThisWeek Bexley
Bexley State Final Loss Hug
―Best storyteller of the entries in this category. Composition, emotion and the unintrusiveness of the photographer during this moment makes it the top winner.‖
Sports Feature: Second
Adam Cairns,  Rock Fork Enterprise
Soccer Champs
Cairns captures a celebratory moment. Good expressions.
General Feature: First
Lorrie Cecil, Johnstown Independent
Keeping Watch
That doggy-in-the-window was a great find during coverage of this event.
General Feature: Second
David Rea, Dublin Villager
Human Race
Nice sunrise silhouette
Photo Journalism: First
Lorrie Cecil, Dublin Villager
Veterans flight to Washington DC
Lorie takes the reader along during the Veteran‘s visit to the Washington memorial. Wide shots of the Iwo Jima veteran and the me-morial reflection are strong images.
Photo Journalism: Second
Adam Cairns, Dublin Villager
Memorial tournament
Adams keeps track of Tiger and puts together a good array of images.
Pictorial: First
Lorrie Cecil, ThisWeek Hilliard
Early Morning Practice
Strong silhouette against the early morning sky. Nice Image!
Pictorial: Second
Ann Tormet, ThisWeek Hilliard
Big Wheel
Public Service: First
Jeff Donahue and Cathy Wogan, ThisWeek Marysville
Union County Egg Farm Controversy
―An interesting look at the plight of a small county against the workings of a big corporation, though more effort to get the corpora-tion‘s side of the story would have made this an even better read‖
Sports: First
Anders Larson, ThisWeek Community Newspapers
20 Years of Upsets
―People are crazy about their hometown teams, and they love nostalgia. Larson does a great job of describing sports upsets years after the fact, including perspective, vital play by play and comments from coaches and participants.‖
Community/Local Coverage: First
Linsly Rice, ThisWeek Marysville
Weathering the Economic Storm
―An excellent package of reports, showing real initiative in localizing a national story. Really brought home how changes in the econ-omy affect the public and private sectors.‖
Community/Local Coverage: Second
Nate Ellis, ThisWeek Pickerington
Security upgraded in wake of school threats
―An event-driven story that could not be overlooked, yet the coverage went well beyond the basics -- including a follow up. Just what parents need to know.‖
Reviews/Criticism-Single Article: Second
Gary M. Seman Jr., Dublin Villager
―Satisfaction, prices high at Third and Hollywood‖
The best of three solid dining reviews. Nice mix of descriptive and observant food critiques with an honest assessment of the atmos-phere and pricing. Good work.
Single Cartoon, Non-Daily Newspapers: First
Jim Larrick, New Albany
Health Care Hypnotist
Single Cartoon, Non-Daily Newspapers: Second
Jim Larrick, ThisWeek Bexley
Slots- Jackpot