ThisWeekNEWS Cutest Critter winner is:

Addison, a Mini Dachshund from Columbus

Addison’s hobbies include posing  (because she knows she is cute, digging imaginary holes and rooting through her bedding, knocking over trash cans, eating as much as possible, finding various cushy places to sleep, swimming (she is a water lover!) and long romps in nature.

Addisons best tricks are:

1. The Dierkel: If you have a treat in hand and make a spinning motion with your hand, Addison will spin in a full circle and then immediately roll over and wait for her treat. Sometimes she will complete two circles and two rolls, consecutively, if the treat looks extra good or she has an audience.

 2. The Water Wiener: Addison is a swimmer - she loves water and jumps right in (pool, creek, bath tub, you name it) , paddles about with her tiny paws, and uses her tail as a rudder to steer. We always put her life jacket on....custom fit!

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