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Wine Wisdom

Provencal rose has substance

Fresh and festive better describe the long aftertaste of the 2013 Bieler Pere et Fils Sabine Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence, Wine Wisdom author Roger Gentile says.
A walk in the park

Sounds of spring precede visual clues

If you want to know spring is here, don't look first for the tree leaves or the woodland wildflowers. Don't look for baby birds or wait for balmy breezes.
School notes

District is on solid financial footing despite state maneuvers

Last December, Westerville Board of Education members and representatives from the district's Leadership Team met at our Early Learning Center for the board's annual year-end retreat.
Smoke Signals

Mulch aesthetically pleasing, but can be fire hazard

Mulch is widely used in Central Ohio landscapes for both aesthetic and functional purposes. Many homeowners and businesses apply mulch in the spring to help slow the loss of soil moisture during the hot summer months, discourage weeds, and maintain a tidy appearance.
Village Notebook

Packages make attending events economical, too

Now that every patio in the neighborhood has been open for 10 days, I'm sure you're bored with spring and your sights are set on summer fun.
As it were

Early hotels were simple affairs

Hotels have been in the news in Columbus in recent months in a rather indirect but positive sort of way.
As it were

Early banks fraught with peril

Banking today is a relatively safe business to pursue. Banks are still robbed occasionally, and violent behavior is still seen as well from time to time. But with the rise of electronic oversight and the rapidity of police response, many people looking to steal some money look to places other than banks.
As it were

Columbus grew rapidly in the 1840s

It was a very small town. The picture we are looking at is of a place quite different from the Columbus of today.
As it were

St. Patrick's Day 1914 was great

St. Patrick's Day has had a mixed history as a holiday in Columbus and central Ohio. Coming as it does on March 17, the weather has not always been cooperative. There have been days when the festivities were drenched by a very cold rain. There have been other times when a little snow -- and sometimes more than a little snow -- was not uncommon.