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Schools notebook

Robotics team builds skills, enthusiasm for science

I recently graduated from Bexley High School and, as I head to the Ohio State University this fall, there is no doubt that I will pursue a science or engineering major.
Wine Wisdom

Bordeaux red shows off a softer, rounded side

The 2009 Chateau Le Grand Moulin from Blaye is very balanced with addition of cassis flavor, Wine Wisdom columnist Roger Gentile says.

Moment in time

Franklin American Laundry closed its doors, and Robert Blackburn found himself without a job.
Smoke signals

Propane economical, versatile fuel when used safely

Propane, also called LP gas, is a safe, economical, clean-burning and versatile fuel when properly used. Regardless of the type of energy you use, safety is extremely important.
School notes

Your input is needed for new district strategic plan

Upper Arlington Schools launched an innovative strategic planning process this spring. As we approach the midpoint of this work, we are asking the community for feedback. We have a rich history of excellent schools based upon a foundation of strong support from our community, and we need your help as we plan for the future of our schools.
City notes

Report provides complete picture of city's finances

The 2013 Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) will be in your mailbox shortly, providing an overview of your city's financial health. Taxes and finances are a complicated thing on a personal level, let alone at the city or state level, and the PAFR is our attempt to give you the "CliffsNotes" version of a much larger and more complex document, the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.
Arts Line

Come Rock the 'Ville Aug. 9

All ages are invited to celebrate art and music in Uptown Westerville at Rock the 'Ville on Saturday, Aug. 9, from 3 to 9 p.m.
Library lines

Gill takes child's play seriously

Award-winning children's musician Jim Gill says that when he writes his songs, he tries to imagine what the song would be like in a room with 15 families -- including a kid with special needs, a kid without special needs, moms and dads, grandmas -- and how it would look if everyone was singing and playing it togeth-er.
Village Notebook

Hey YPs, come see what the Society is all about

If you are one of our neighborhood's fabulous young professionals and have a free evening tonight, I'd love to see you at the Athletic Club of Columbus.
Village Notebook

Data gathered; Task force soon to seek project 'champions'

I wanted to update you on the progress by our Strategic Planning Task Force, especially after more than 400 German Village stakeholders have spent time either in person or filling in an online survey to help shape its recommendations.
Village Notebook

TeamWork again was key in successful tour

I want to tell you about Team Haus und Garten Tour 2014.
Just thinking

Recurring run-ins with poison ivy leave me red-faced

Right on schedule, I came down with yet another blotchfest of poison ivy.
As it were

America's road comes to town

On Oct. 5, 1825, Jonathan Knight rode into Columbus at the head of a party of men. Some were soldiers in uniform. Among them was young Joe Johnston, a West Point cadet, who would later achieve some fame as a Confederate general.
As it were

1835 brought city's first theater

Much of our image of early frontier America is often described as the struggle of brave men and valiant women against the forces of nature, an endless wilderness and the dangers of attacks by vicious animals and people who did not like the newcomers very much.
As it were

July 4 feted even amid Civil War

As the United States approached the 88th anniversary of its independence in 1864, it might seem the country was not particularly in the mood to celebrate.
As it were

July 4 feted even amid Civil War

As the United States approached the 88th anniversary of its independence in 1864, it might seem the country was not particularly in the mood to celebrate.
As it were

First City Hall a sight to behold

Today when one talks about "City Hall" in Columbus, our attention is drawn to the impressive public building which has been part of the civic center along the Scioto River since it was completed in 1928.
As it were

Sullivant fathered sons and city

I have written about Lucas Sullivant before. In fact, I have written about him more than once. He is a hard man to avoid in the founding of Columbus and central Ohio. Today, we look at him in a slightly different way. This is the story of a father and his sons.
As it were

Bellows' dad was local architect

George Bellows is recognized today as a truly great American artist. The creator of such masterpieces of American realism as two men fighting in Stag at Sharkey's and the touching portrait of his young daughter called Lady Jean was born and raised in Columbus.
As it were

Goodale Park gate built in 1899

Goodale Park is an island of green in the heart of Ohio's capital city. Over the years since it was given to Columbus by pioneer physician Dr. Lincoln Goodale in 1851, the park has served among other things as a military camp and public meeting grounds as well as a place for leisurely recreation.