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2013-14 Report Card (new)

Community Cardboard Challenge

Event will have students thinking outside the box

Cardboard is key in the 2015 Community Cardboard Challenge, as students, teachers, parents and community members rip apart cardboard boxes and use the pieces to solve a number of creative challenges.
Bexley City Schools

Grant expanding access to mobile device technology

Bexley Education Foundation and Bexley City Schools recently announced a $250,572 Impact Grant for elementary technology would be earmarked for expanded access to technology and increased opportunities for differentiated instruction.

Bexley celebrates homecoming week with activities

Bexley High School will observe fall homecoming this week, with the celebration culminating in the Lions' football game Friday, Oct. 9, and a dance Saturday, Oct. 10.

Resident makes bid for bridge prestige

At an age when many youngsters start mastering the subtleties of Go Fish, Doug Simson was learning how to play bridge from his parents.

Bexley High School makes key lists

Bexley High School has earned high marks on both of the lists published as part of Newsweek magazine's 2015 High School Rankings.

Students' efforts with AP stand out

A total of 122 Bexley High School students demonstrated college-level achievement through Advanced Placement courses in 2015, according to the national College Board.

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