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School board backs levy try to start PI fund

A permanent improvement levy that Bexley City Schools administrators say will help the district plan for building maintenance and other capital improvements will appear on the November ballot.

School board working to put levy on ballot in November

The Bexley Board of Education was scheduled to vote at its July 18 meeting on a second resolution to place a 1.38-mill permanent-improvements levy on the November ballot.
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Retirement of bond presents fund opportunity

The Bexley City School District has a strategic, one-time opportunity this summer.

Loss of student felt throughout community

The Bexley community continues to mourn the death of an 11-year-old girl who died June 21 when a tree fell on her cabin during a thunderstorm at Camp Livingston in Bennington, Indiana.

Meeting addresses creation of fund

Members of Bexley's Board of Education will hear a reading of a resolution about the district establishing a Permanent Improvement fund at their Monday, June 27, meeting.

Informal spaces to be meeting topic

For the past year, the Bexley Board of Education and school leaders have been considering the Cassingham Complex informal spaces -- the cafeteria, hallways and other places where students gather when they are not committed to in-class time -- to make sure they are welcoming and conducive to positive interactions.

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