2013-14 Report Card (new)

Delaware Area Career Center

Campuses will become one in 2018

The Delaware Area Career Center has announced plans to close its northern campus and consolidate operations at an expanded southern campus by late 2018.

Sunbury Lions honor peace poster winner

Madison Manns, a seventh-grade student at Big Walnut Middle School, has won a local poster competition sponsored by the Sunbury Lions Club.
Year in review

Schools began new lives in '14

In the future, Delaware City School District residents may look back on 2014 as a groundbreaking year -- in more ways than one.

Career center looks for younger students' attention

Students often don't start thinking about their future occupations until they're in high school -- but the Delaware Area Career Center hopes a program expansion and new outreach efforts will put younger students on the right track sooner.

Big Walnut school leaders pleased with state report card

The Big Walnut School District's grades on the state report card ranged from four A's to one F.
2013-14 report card

Big Walnut meets all 24 indicators on state report card

The Big Walnut Local School District earned several A’s on its new state report card, but one F has reared its head as well.


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