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Canal Winchester High School Graduation

Saturday, May 23, in Canal Winchester

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Superintendents' reaction

Report-card scores only part of story

Officials with the Ohio Department of Education had warned ahead of time that the changes made to state report cards would affect recently released scores on the statewide tests.
CWHS renovations

Officials hope OFCC will review plan Jan. 26

The Canal Winchester Board of Education took the next step last week in seeking state funding to renovate the high school and add an extra 55,000 square feet of space to the building.
Canal Winchester schools

Levy removed from Nov. 8 ballot

The Canal Winchester school district will not ask voters in November to pay for any part of a $24.3 million high school construction and renovation project.
Football for Food

Drive helps pack pantry until holiday season arrives

The Canal Winchester High School football team, students and community will be tackling hunger Friday, Sept. 2, as the team faces Athens High School on the gridiron.

Canal Winchester pulls high-school tax issue from November ballot

Voters in the Canal Winchester school district won't be asked for any extra money this fall for renovation and addition to the high school. Instead, district officials say they've found a way to fund that work without the planned levy. So the Canal Winchester Board of Education voted 4-1 Monday night to remove a 23-year, 0.5-mill levy from the Nov. 8 ballot.
Meeting new standards

State study supports need to remodel CWHS

As Canal Winchester school district officials embark on a campaign to convince voters to approve a school levy in November, they are taking a look at what will be needed to renovate a high school built over three different eras so it meets new state requirements.
Canal Winchester Middle School honor roll

Canal Winchester Middle School honor roll.

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