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Columbus school district sheds light on Africentric teacher's reprimand
Un-redacted documents that Columbus City Schools released on Monday show that a teacher at the Africentric School is being investigated for allegedly retaliating against a student whose complaints had resulted in the teacher receiving an official reprimand the day before.
Cua's passion for arts helps lead to award
Marcella Cua considers herself fortunate for having found her niche in life.
Columbus schools' chief sent special team into Africentric to quell problems
Columbus City Schools Superintendent Dan Good confirmed for the first time Thursday that he sent a 17-member team to the district’s Africentric School last month in response to a possible teacher walkout over student-discipline issues.
Columbus schools weighing how big to go on levy
A Columbus City Schools panel is considering options that would increase school-district property tax bills by 5.6 mills to 19.8 mills, with several proposals in between. The range translates into raising the annual tax on a $100,000 house by $196 to $693 per year, but “we would definitely not be anywhere close to that high range,” said district spokesman Scott Varner.
Leaving on a high note
Moriah Corley drove over an hour from Mansfield, where she's about to graduate from high school, to participate in a new wrinkle on an old tradition at Indian Springs Elementary School.
Columbus school board commits to complete transparency on financial dealings
Five years ago, a Columbus Board of Education member complained that she couldn't get basic district spending information from then-Superintendent Gene Harris' administration, despite being called upon each year to approve a budget. Now, with some new board members and new district leadership, Columbus schools will be going completely public with the district's $1.3 billion annual operation. On Tuesday, the district announced it will put its entire spending database online starting July 1.
Advisory panel recommends rehab of 18 Columbus schools buildings
A citizens advisory panel voted 26-0 Monday to recommend rebuilding or remodeling 18 Columbus City schools — at a total cost of $365 million — in a plan that could go to voters for approval of a bond issue in November. The project would put 10,250 students into new schools and close three elementary schools — Broadleigh, Valley Forge and Siebert — and move Hubbard Elementary to a new site at a cost of $22 million.
Descendants starting to contact Fort Hayes about poppy project
Deb Deeds recognized the name of her great-uncle Curtis G. Bender in a Dispatch story about a group of high school students trying to track down descendants of the more than 260 Franklin County residents who gave their lives during World War I.
For student, homeless was not hopeless
Darrius McLean remembers his lowest point like it was yesterday. It was when his mom came back into his life. There was no telling where she was before then. "She's a drug addict," Darrius said plainly.
Mom says Africentric neglected bullying of daughter
Columbus City Schools are seeking “new direction” from a complete overhaul of the management staff at the Africentric School, amid problems there that district leaders say are unrelated to the shakeup.

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