2013-14 Report Card (new)

District quells fears about state board's suggestion

Some teachers are upset about proposed changes to Ohio's operating standards by the State Board of Education.

Plan designed to make walk, ride to school safer

The Delaware City School District is developing a plan to encourage students to walk and bike to school.

Hours, not days, counted in new school calendar

Changes in state law have prompted development of a new calendar for the Delaware City School District's 2015-2016 school year.

Engendering love for reading boosts scores at Conger

Conger Elementary School received its highest ever Performance Index ranking on the latest State Report Card.
District's credit worth

Voter support helps boost rating

The Delaware City School District is showing potential investors that it is a credit-worthy institution.
Delaware school levy

Comfortable win shows voters' trust, leaders say

Delaware City School District leaders say last week's levy win proves the community has their back.

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