2013-14 Report Card (new)

Libraries aim to make expert researchers of students

The Delaware City School District's librarians are working to improve students' access to books and research materials.

Reading Recovery proves its worth

The Delaware City School District is marking its 25th year of participation in the Reading Recovery program.
Willis Intermediate School

Class prepares students for Internet pitfalls

Delaware's fifth- and sixth-grade students are learning how to type correctly -- and how to avoid Internet predators and keep their information safe at the same time.

Delaware schools abuzz with construction work

By the time summer returns, five construction projects will be underway at five different buildings in the Delaware City School District.
Sawmill Parkway extension

Delaware joins Olentangy in approval of TIF

The Delaware and Olentangy school districts will not stand in the way of a multimillion-dollar project to extend Sawmill Parkway north into the city of Delaware.

Craft: Governor's school-funding plan will mean little to Delaware

It's too early to be certain, but Delaware City School District officials aren't expecting much in the way of new state funding over the next two years.

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