Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools

State report card

Gahanna sees mixed results in latest round

The Gahanna-Jefferson Public School District received mixed results on the latest state report card, receiving an A, a B, two C's, a D and an F.
ColorSplash 5K Run

Fundraiser a bright spot on calendar

Gahanna Middle School South, 349 Shady Spring Drive, and its neighborhoods will become a lot brighter on Friday, Sept. 16.

Standing at desk can be one key to success

Some Gahanna Lincoln High School students finding the benefits of Stand for Success, an initiative that provides desks where students stand to help them focus.
Back to school

Newest staff members settling in

New Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools Superintendent Steve Barrett said he's excited about the hiring of 40 new staff members -- including six who are filling new positions -- for the 2016-17 school year.
Helping Flint, Michigan

Lincoln junior leads citywide water drive

The Gahanna Lincoln High School Student Council is asking for the community's help in donating packaged water to help others in need.

School's in

Most Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools students started back to school Wednesday, Aug. 17, but high school sophomores, juniors and seniors return Thursday, Aug. 18.

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