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Grandview Heights High School Graduation

Sunday, May 24, in Grandview

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Event replaces gift paper sale for PTO

The Grandview City Schools K-8 PTOs have unwrapped a new program to raise money.
Genre Challenge

Goal is to broaden reading interests

Fourth-graders at Edison Intermediate/Larson Middle School are learning that you can't always judge a book by its cover, or its genre.

Heritage vs. utility: High school walks line

Grandview Heights High School is a community landmark -- one that holds a special place in many residents' hearts.

Homecoming target: funny bones

Grandview Heights High School's Spirit Week festivities got off to a rollicking start Sept. 19.

Mostly good news on state report card

The Grandview City School District scored A's in K-3 literacy and graduation rates and received one B, two C's and one D in other components of the 2015-16 Ohio State Report Card, released Sept. 15 by the Ohio Department of Education.

Director's 'results': Decade of inspired students

There were a lot of reunions Sept. 16 during Grandview Heights High School's annual Alumni Night football game.
Honor roll

Students named to the honor and merit rolls for the first grading period of the 2013-14 school year at Larry Larson Middle School.

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