Groveport Madison Local Schools

Groveport Madison schools

Three sites considered for modulars

Groveport Madison school officials are looking at modular units as a way to deal with overcrowded district classrooms.

Forecast points toward 2019 district levy request

The Groveport Madison school district's latest financial forecast shows the budget is on solid ground for the next few years but points the way toward a levy request in 2019.
Digital preschool

Online course provides kids a head start

Some Groveport Madison preschoolers will be pointing and clicking their way through preschool again this year.
Superintendents' reaction

Report-card scores only part of story

Officials with the Ohio Department of Education had warned ahead of time that the changes made to state report cards would affect recently released scores on the statewide tests.
Groveport Madison schools

Enrollment in district continues to increase

Groveport Madison school officials are working on plans to find space to alleviate current and future enrollment issues.



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