Johnstown-Monroe Local Schools

Students' steps bring in funds

Johnstown kindergartners and fourth- and fifth-graders are scheduled to continue a walk-a-thon fundraiser Monday, Oct. 3, that was started Sept. 26 by their peers and postponed due to inclement weather.
State report cards

Districts say marks, education results don't mesh

Johnstown-Monroe and Northridge school leaders say some of the results on the latest state report cards don't accurately represent the education going on in their classrooms.

Beyond the classroom

The Johnstown-Monroe Local School District leads schools of its size in central Ohio when it comes to student involvement in extracurricular activities.

Ceremony starts high school project

A groundbreaking will be held at 2 p.m. Sept. 18 for the new Johnstown High School that will be built behind the existing high school.

Bonds proposal could save nearly $2 million

The Johnstown-Monroe Local School District is pursuing a bond-refunding measure that's estimated to save taxpayers $1.17 million.
2016-17 school year

J-M, Northridge return this week

While Johnstown-Monroe Local Schools officials continue to focus on building projects as students return to school, Wednesday, Aug. 24, neighboring Northridge Local is soliciting voter support to build a new facility as classes resume Monday, Aug. 22.

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