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Reynoldsburg teachers man picket lines as students describe chaos

Reynoldsburg school officials spent weeks preparing for the start of a teachers strike. Apparently, it wasn’t enough, parents and students said. They shared stories yesterday about chaotic conditions in the buildings and a lack of learning in classrooms across the district. Parents who visited schools said there weren’t nearly enough substitute teachers to cover all classes, so similar classes were combined with one teacher.

Fights cause lockdown at Reynoldsburg school as teachers strike

Reynoldsburg police locked down the district's Livingston High School campus this morning after fights broke out among students inside. Outside, teachers are on the picket lines in a labor dispute with the district.

RHS students walk out, REA says substitute staffing levels inadequate

Reynoldsburg High School students walked out of school this morning in support of their picketing teachers, claiming the classes manned by Huffmaster substitutes were “chaotic and unorganized.”

Eighth-graders demonstrate in support of striking teachers

A dark cloud of emotion seems to hang over Reynoldsburg this morning, Sept. 19, after teachers hit the picket lines as early as 5 a.m.
Teacher strike in place

District: Some subs still need to be hired

As 360 Reynoldsburg teachers prepare to hit the picket lines at their schools Friday morning, schools will stay open.
Reynoldsburg schools

Teachers still considering deal as midnight strike time looms

Teachers remain behind closed doors tonight in Reynoldsburg, deciding whether they will begin striking at 12:01 a.m. Friday, Sept. 19.

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