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Reynoldsburg won't renew superintendent's contract

The Reynoldsburg Board of Education has voted not to renew Superintendent Tina Thomas-Manning's contract when it expires in July. Tuesday night's meeting, where that decision was made, fell near a symbolic date: two years and one day after the start of a bitter strike in the Reynoldsburg district. Thomas-Manning had recently taken the helm when teachers took to the picket lines for 15 school days in fall 2014. The rift between the teachers union and administration has not mended well.
Updated 9:55 p.m. Sept. 20

Reynoldsburg board resolution: Thomas-Manning likely gone at end of school year

The Reynoldsburg Board of Education on Sept. 20 voted 4-1 to approve a resolution that likely means the end of Superintendent Tina Thomas-Manning’s tenure with the district at the end of the school year.
State report cards

Latest scores for district 'disappointing'

The latest state report card results for Reynoldsburg City Schools were on the dismal side -- the district met only 10 of this year's 31 state indicators, resulting in an F grade on that component of the tests and an overall D in academic achievement.
Fab Lab open to the public

'Meetup' sessions tap into 'maker community'

Reynoldsburg school officials hope a new partnership and a series of "Meetup" sessions will make more people aware that the district's "maker spaces" are open to the public.
Summit Road Elementary School

Taz provides fur-covered therapy

Coaxing any kindergarten student to sit down and read a book when he would rather play with LEGOs is not an easy task.

Practice makes perfect

Reynoldsburg Raider Marching Pride Color Guard members (from left) Miranda Bickert, Alina McCullough, Tristan Kephart and Joey Alamdari rehearse Aug. 28 at Reynoldsburg United Methodist Church.

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