UAHS presents 'Mary Poppins'

Digital conversion project

Plan puts technology in hands of students, teachers

Upper Arlington City Schools has launched a "digital conversion" project that will put laptop computers and other digital devices into the hands of every teacher and every student for use in the classroom and at home for lesson planning and homework.
School notes

One-to-one technology will be invaluable for students

"I have been to Oz, and the world is in color now."
Golden Bear Rock Fest

Love, respect earned Shelby alumni recognition

A favorite teacher, coach and administrator who will be honored at this year's Golden Bear Rock Fest said he's a little taken aback at being singled out for recognition by the Upper Arlington Alumni Association.

Students touched by Holocaust survivor's story

The horrors of the Holocaust have been well-documented, but Upper Arlington's middle school students and high school German students heard a firsthand account from survivor Eva Kor as she talked about her memoir, Surviving the Angel of Death: The True Story of a Mengele Twin in Auschwitz.
Northam Film and Music Festival

Student-led event draws 1,500 international entrants

The Northam Film and Music Festival will feature live music from three local bands and a chance to see five international short films -- chosen from a whopping 1,500 submissions -- as well as experimental films by Upper Arlington High School students and other young artists.

2013-14 Report Card (new)

Hastings Middle School honor roll

Hastings Middle School honor roll.

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