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Election will decide council roster, Issue 17

Bexley voters will select at least two new people to serve on Bexley City Council when they head to the polls Tuesday, Nov. 3.

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City hoping that voters renew levy for services

When Bexley voters head to the polls Nov. 3, they will have the option of voting for or against Issue 17, a renewal operating levy for the city.

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Five campaigning for a council seat

Bexley voters won't see multiple names on the ballot for the job of Bexley's mayor as Ben Kessler is running uncontested for re-election, but they will see five names seeking election to one of four seats on Bexley City Council.

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Mayor, five candidates for council file petitions

If their nominating petitions are certified by the Franklin County Board of Elections, the November ballot will include Bexley Mayor Ben Kessler, who just announced his re-election campaign, and five city council candidates vying for four seats.

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