Comedian Michelle Wolf, a writer for “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah,” is about to make her biggest splash yet — with her own one-hour stand-up special on HBO this summer.

Wolfe is also touring with her comedy act.

She talked recently about her latest endeavors.

Q: What’s your live stand-up show like?

A: I do a lot less political stuff than what you see on “The Daily Show.” I do that all day; I don’t want to have to do it at night, too. And politics can be a little tiring right now. I like talking about big social issues — but from a woman’s perspective, and I eventually get into more personal stuff.

Q: What issues do you touch on?

A: Transgender bathrooms, immigration, terrorism, body image.

Q: Who are your comedic influences?

A: Louis C.K., Colin Quinn, Chris Rock.

Q: What’s it like working with Trevor Noah?

A: It’s been great. He’s fun to work with, super-easygoing and relaxed. It’s a nice work environment. It’s interesting to see his perspective as someone who’s not from here but dealt with a ton of upheaval — a black guy from South Africa.

Q: How is it different from working with Seth Meyers on “Late Night,” where you were a writer from 2014 to 2016?

A: Trevor is more of a storyteller; Seth is a set-up and punchline guy. It’s completely different perspectives.

Q: What can you say about your HBO special?

A: It’s very exciting. It’s going to be in August, and we’re taping in New York. I’ve been on tour since the end of December preparing for it. I’m tweaking it, adding and tightening jokes. I’m glad to finally be able to talk about it.

Q: Most of the hot comedians are going to Netflix these days. What made you go with HBO?

A: I had it as a goal. I wanted HBO — it's the iconic one.