Spring is here -- but when will it start feeling like it?

After an unseasonably warm February, we've seen our share of chilly and snowy days recently. So what's the long-range forecast, and when will it be safe to start planting flowers?

The spring equinox happened the morning of March 20, marking the official beginning of spring. The equinox means there are equal amounts of daylight and darkness. The journey to even longer days continues through the summer solstice, which occurs June 21. By then, we'll see 15 hours of daylight with our sunrise around 6 a.m. and sunset just past 9 p.m.

The long-range forecast is predicting warmer weather returning. Temperatures for the month of April are expected to be well above average. Precipitation also is expected to be above average. The average high April 1 is 58, warming to an average high of 69 by May 1.

The growing season does not start until May. A good rule of thumb is to wait and plant those tomatoes and spring flowers after Mother's Day.

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Weather where you live author Chris Bradley is chief meteorologist at WBNS-10TV.