Boiling Seafood Crawfish has replaced Panda Inn in northwest Columbus.

The new restaurant, at 1446 Bethel Road, opened at the end of March and specializes in New Orleans-style seafood platters – boiled, seasoned and served in a bag.

The restaurant offers a number of choices – several styles of crab, lobster, crawfish, shrimp and clams among them – offered by the pound and, with most options, at market price.

They are served in one of four sauces: “juicy” Cajun, garlic butter, lemon pepper or a combination of all three, called homemade “juicy.” Levels of spiciness range from “baby” to extra spicy.

Customers are furnished with bibs and plastic gloves, as they are expected to eat with their hands.

A number of other options also are on the menu, such as etouffee, po’ boy sandwiches, baskets of fried seafood and starters, including raw and fried oysters.

Another Boiling Seafood is in Cleveland Heights.