I met my first true challenge in my monthlong cooking venture last weekend. I knew cooking every meal would be difficult, but I did not think about what would happen if I were out of town.

For Easter weekend, I went to my fiancé’s family near Cleveland. Although I knew Easter Sunday would be covered with home-cooked meals -- my one-day pass in my 30-day challenge -- Saturday and Monday were not completely accounted for.

I tried to be proactive and pack a few meals to make Saturday, but I had no breakfast dishes or snacks actually planned. In addition, my fiancé doesn't stay in his apartment that often (due to working out of state), so his kitchen was not stocked with anything. More still, I was asked to bring dessert to one of my Easter meals, which I had to make Saturday.

So picture this: For the weekend, I’m packing a bag of kitchen essentials -- everything from hot sauce to a rolling pin. Random spices, half-empty bags of veggie puffs, jars of peanut butter and three last slices from a loaf of bread all came with me in the car, along with my suitcase, of course. It was beyond a pain to cart everything from one apartment to another, and I wasn't even covered for every meal.

As a result, I had to break my cooking challenge and buy something for breakfast and lunch the Monday after Easter. And because I didn't have time to grocery shop Monday night, I had to buy lunch again Tuesday.

But I learned my lesson: Always, always, always plan about three (or more) meals ahead, just in case you do need to leave for a day or two.

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