The Big Walnut Local School District is expected to begin requesting bids soon for a new trailer to relieve overcrowding at General Rosecrans Elementary School.

Because an 8.3-mill bond issue that would have raised $134 million was rejected in November, the district has had to find alternatives to building new facilities.

While plans for another bond-issue request are in the works, the most pressing issue for the district is Rosecrans, officials said. The school already is full and will be well over capacity by the next school year, leaders said.

Assistant Superintendent Mark Cooper has been heading up the quest to find more space for students. Options he's considered include renting space from other locations, busing students to different schools and increasing class sizes.

But Superintendent Angie Pollock said district leadership is "leaning toward" the trailer, which is expected to cost about $100,000. The district likely would purchase the trailer rather than renting it because the cost for renting for three years likely would equal the purchase price, she said.

Cooper said although he's not "expecting any kind of action" until the Big Walnut school board's May 18 meeting, the district will send out a request for bids soon.

Pollock and Cooper said they also expect the district to find about $10,000 to renovate an existing trailer that would be placed at Big Walnut Elementary School.

That school is not as crowded as Rosecrans, Pollock said, but the district wants class sizes to stay in the desired range.