Twice a month, the Westland Area Library's activity space becomes a construction zone.

On the first and third Saturdays of the month, the library holds Lego Club. The one-hour sessions begin at 3 p.m.

"We just put out the Legos and let them go," youth services staff member Pam Minton said. "We don't have any specific theme. They can work on whatever idea they come up with."

Attendance varies from one session to another, Minton said.

"Sometimes we'll have 20 kids fill up the room, other times we'll just have a few show up," she said.

On April 15, three youngsters stopped by to play with the library's supply of Legos, the turnout perhaps reduced due to the Easter holiday weekend.

Delrica Jones, 7, and her sister, Dejaiyla, 8, were playing with Abby Olson, 8.

"It's fun to play with Legos because you get to put them together to make all kinds of things," Delrica said.

At first, she made a car driven by a kitten figurine she placed in the front seat.

"She's going to make a lot of turns," Delrica said.

Later, she began using the Lego bricks to build a made-up scene.

"This guy is disguised as a Star Wars (character), but he knows he's not a Star Wars," she said. "He's trying to steal a treasure, but (another character) is not going to let him. It's the treasure of his boss."

"Legos are the best toy because you get to attach them together and make new stuff," Dejaiyla said.

"They're so much fun because you can build anything you want," she said. "You just have to figure it out in your mind, then put it together. If it doesn't work at first, you can just tear it up and start again."

As Dejaiyla worked on her project, she knew exactly what the end product would be.

"I'm going to build a car and a parking lot for my car," she said. "And I got a house for my horse so when she's feeling sleepy, she can lay down in her house."

Abby was building a royal estate.

"First, I'm going to build a stable for the horse," she said, pointing to a figurine she had placed in the middle of her Lego board. "Then I'm going to make a little garden and a princess castle, then a parking lot for the cars.Then I want to make a bunch more things if I can think of them.

"If you want to make something with Legos, you have to use your imagination," Abby said. "You can go on a trip to Lego Land. Anywhere you are can be Lego Land, as long as you've got some to play with. Even a library."