The Livingston Campus Art Fair and Senior Capstones featured student art, music, dancing and demonstrations, from improvised dance steps to a mock crime scene complete with a "body" splotched with red paint and a fake knife in the back.

The "body" was more than a decorated mannequin, however, as BELL sophomore Gentry Hendricks raised her head and gave a little wave when introduced during the May 9 event at the Reynoldsburg High School Livingston campus.

Sophomore Ryan Keefe and senior Andrea Garcia said the mock crime scene was set up to demonstrate how students taking forensics classes learn to investigate real crimes.

"We take bioethics the first semester, then forensics the second semester, Keefe said.

"We learn a lot about investigating crimes, from finding suspects to gathering evidence," Garcia said.

Teacher Kellie Gedert said the fair also included student work from the new art department at (HS)2 Academy.

"We are a STEM school, but one of our goals is to integrate STEM-based health and science with art," she said.

Several students had painted colorful table scenes, complete with placemats, plates and cups, using themes from favorite artists such as Van Gogh and Dali. Other art was displayed in hallways and classrooms.

Gedert said more than 60 RHS seniors presented their capstone projects at the fair, dealing with such serious topics as human trafficking, abortion and immigration.

Booths were set up, manned by community partners, including Tony Hines, community resource officer for the Reynoldsburg Division of Police.

"We like to be on hand wherever the kids are," he said.

Spanish teacher Pablo Chignolli stood by a large painting called "The Social Justice Project," putting some finishing touches on the painting and asking guests to paint a small corner.

"The painting depicts symbols that point to basic human rights, diversity and compassion," he said.

A number of Eastland Performing Arts students were performing in the high school auditorium.

Kylee Lines did a slow improve dance on stage, letting her mood move her feet.

Gedert said she hopes the art fair will be an annual event on the Livingston campus, as is the Community Health Fair in early spring.