One of the visions of the Jackson Township Division of Fire Prevention Bureau is to have a preventive mindset.

This preventive mindset allows division personnel to best serve the community by preventing fire loss that can be devastating to both businesses and residents.

We live in a community that is growing at a rapid pace. According to Columbus Underground, Grove City is noted as the second fastest growing Central Ohio suburb from 2010-15.

The top five are:

1.) Hilliard

2.) Grove City

3.) Dublin

4.) Delaware

5.) Westerville

Grove City has doubled in size since 1990 and realized more housing starts than other central Ohio suburbs in six of the last nine years. Don Walters, Grove City business and community relations representative, said the city anticipates that the growth for the next 35 years will match and possibly outpace the last 35 years.

Our fire department has led the way in being a proactive and cutting-edge department. The city of Grove City has given our fire department a 90 percent approval rating.

Within the Fire Prevention Bureau, we use a variety of tools to prevent fire loss and educate our community.

In the course of any day, our bureau staff conducts fire prevention inspections, safety-plan reviews and new construction inspections of fire protection systems. It also engages in code enforcement, hazardous-materials planning, fire investigations, public education, fire-prevention training and residential inspections.

Each of these activities target a different risk, which is why it is important that we have incorporated all approaches into our daily activities.

Our department mission is committed to serving and protecting our community by maintaining the highest quality of emergency services, fire prevention and public education, with courage, compassion and professionalism.

Our prevention office meets our mission by offering the following programs: public education (both commercial and non-commercial), fire safety talks, CPR/first aid training (general public and high school students), Smoke and Squirt houses, live fire extinguisher training, Safety town (all incoming kindergartners), car seat inspections, review of safety plans, CPR/first aid, fire drills and lockdown drills, commercial and residential fire inspections, annual fire-safety inspections, foster/adoption inspections and an Explorers Program.

In addition, we offer a program that introduces students to the career of firefighting.

In 2016, we completed 1,435 inspections, reviewed 564 plans and participated in 5,848 community-education events. If you would like to schedule one of our trainings, contact us at 614-875-5588 or fire.admin@

Scott Burris is the fire marshal for the Jackson Township Division of Fire.