Dublin City Council is expected to vote June 12 on an ordinance that would ban the cultivation, processing and dispensing of medical marijuana in Dublin.

The ban is in response to Ohio House Bill 523, which allows those with qualifying medical conditions to use medical marijuana for treatment.

Final rules for the bill must be complete on or before Sept. 8 and the program must be operational on or before Sept. 8, 2018.

Dublin officials said the proposed moratorium was drafted because marijuana cultivation and sales are still illegal under federal law.

The moratorium wouldn't apply to a patient's ability to use medical marijuana or a physician's ability to proscribe it.

Other nearby municipalities have passed similar ordinances.

Upper Arlington in October passed a 12-month restriction on local cultivation, processing or dispensing of medical marijuana.

Also in October, New Albany approved a six-month moratorium on medical marijuana related business.

Later that month, Bexley approved an 18-month moratorium.

In December, Grandview Heights approved a six-month moratorium.

Conversely, in August Johnstown Village Council members voted to not prohibit or limit medical marijuana operations within the village.

That community is home to Apeks Super Critical, a company that manufactures equipment to extract oils from marijuana.