After a trying beginning to spring, Westerflora organizers are hoping to attract enough gardens to make their long-running free tour a success.

The annual Westerflora garden tour is less than two months away, but organizers have seen just one application so far.

Group spokeswoman Linda Laine said she suspects an odd season is largely to blame.

"I know with my own gardening this year, between the later spring and then getting hot, and now cold and now raining ... I have not been in the garden as much as I would like to," she said. "I think other people are the same way."

To mix up the gardens on the annual tour, Westerflora has a policy of allowing repeat entries to be in the show every other year "unless they do something really special," meaning none of last year's hosts can participate.

Laine said the hope is that the rotation will "give everybody a chance" to be on the tour.

For those who may be interested in participating but are intimidated by the process, Laine said the requirements are simply having a passion for their garden.

"We want well-loved gardens and people of all types who love gardening," she said.

This year's tour is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Westerville Garden Club, which hosts the event each year.

Applications for the tour can be found online at, or at the Westerville Community Center, Westerville Public Library or Hoover Gardens and Gift Center, one of Westerflora's sponsors.

Applications must be received by June 17 and gardens must be in the 43081 or 43082 ZIP codes.