Westerville police said a 13-year-old student was suspended after reportedly suggesting to a classmate that he planned violence at Blendon Middle School, 223 S. Otterbein Ave.

According to reports, the boy was texting a girl on the afternoon of May 14 when he told her not to go to school the following day because it was going to "be like Columbine at school."

The boy allegedly made references to Dylan Klebold, who was one of two participants in the 1999 shootings at Columbine High School, and "posted stock photos of a gun and an ammo belt," reports stated.

The boy did not threaten the girl in texts, but she was scared by the messages and reported the incident.

School administrators suspended the boy from school, and police spoke to him about the threats. He claimed he was joking and did not plan any violence, reports stated.

He was not charged with any crimes, and was released to his parents, police said.

In other recent incident reports from the Westerville Division of Police:

* A 13-year-old boy was taken to a hospital emergency room after "rough-housing" went too far at Heritage Middle School, 390 N. Spring Road.

According to reports, students were playing in a classroom on the morning of May 16 when one boy grabbed the victim's hood and pulled it tightly around his neck.

The boy reportedly lost consciousness and fell to the floor. He was helped to the school clinic by a friend and taken to the hospital for evaluation, reports stated.

No charges were filed, police said.

* Employees at a business in the 300 block of West Schrock Road reported a customer threatened to "blow up the building" and "beat you all up" after an argument on the phone.

The employees did not believe the threat was credible because the suspect lived in Chicago, reports stated.