An 8-year-old boy told the Worthington Division of Police that several other juveniles locked him in a closet and tried to force him to smoke marijuana.

The boy was playing with other children on the afternoon of May 19 on the 400 block of Schrock Road when he was forced into the closet. He claimed the other boys put "a makeshift noose" around his neck, according to reports.

He told police they tried to make him smoke out of a vaporizer and locked him back in the closet when he refused.

He claimed the boys eventually let him out and once again tried to force him to smoke marijuana out of the vaporizer.

No charges have been filed in the case and an investigation is ongoing.

No other details were immediately available.

In other recent incident reports from the Worthington Division of Police:

* A 60-year-old Columbus man was arrested at a restaurant on the 600 block of High Street on the night of May 19 after allegedly threatening his girlfriend and attempting to fight another patron.

The man yelled that he was "going to kill her and put her head through the wall," according to reports.

When another man intervened, the man allegedly told him he would fight him outside.

The man was charged with domestic violence and aggravated menacing.

* A 65-year-old Worthington man had nearly $300 stolen from him after attempting to pay bail for his son.

The man's son sent two friends to his father's house to ask for money to bail him out of prison on the afternoon of May 18. They drove him to an ATM and he withdrew $265.

When they returned to his house on Evening Street, the men allegedly grabbed the cash and drove away.