Hilliard officials might be asked to consider a proposal to construct two new buildings on the north side of Cemetery Road, immediately west of the entrance to J.W. Reason Elementary School, 4790 Cemetery Road.

Jamie Moore of Dublin-based Crawford Hoying and Timothy Reardon, a managing partner of New Start Development, are partnering though a limited-liability company to develop the parcels.

They are proposing to construct two 3,200-square-foot buildings on 1.8 acres, but the plans are subject to change, Moore said.

"We are waiting for the results of a (completed) traffic study," he said.

The findings are expected to be reported to the Hilliard school board, most likely at a meeting scheduled June 19, Moore said.

"We are in discussions with the school board concerning access" via the driveway that extends from Cemetery Road north to the school, he said.

Uses for the two parcels have not been identified, but they could include restaurants or financial institutions, Moore said.

"Everything is still exploratory," he said.

Superintendent John Marschhausen has expressed concern about any restaurant that specializes in breakfast fare because a high volume of customer traffic would coincide with the start of the school day at J.W. Reason.

School board President Andy Teater said it is too early for the board to take a position on the proposal.

"We're just a small part of the puzzle (and) there are a lot of hurdles to clear with the city. ... If we get some paving out of the project, great ... but the safety of our kids is always, always paramount," he said.

Preliminary plans also call for a new curb cut on Cemetery Road, west of the entrance to J.W. Reason, and a curb cut from the west side of the school's driveway to access the parcels.

Landscape buffers are included on the south and east sides of the parcels that face Cemetery Road and the school driveway.

However, pedestrian access could be added on the west side of new buildings, allowing students to reach the school without crossing the curb cut on Cemetery Road, Reardon said.

Plans also call for moving the sidewalk beside the school's driveway from the west side to the east side, Reardon said.

The acquisition of the two parcels is contingent upon reaching an agreement for its development, Moore said, and it likely would require the city's approval of a variance or conditional-use permits and possibly rezoning.

According to the Franklin County Auditor's Office, each parcel is 0.9 acre.

One is owned by Betty Lisk and the other by Mel Sims, records indicate. The Sims parcel is zoned commercial and the Lisk property residential, according to the records.

J.W. Reason is among the school district's oldest buildings and much development has occurred in its vicinity, particularly to the immediate east.

The district has no plans to sell its property or relocate the school, said Stacie Raterman, a spokeswoman for the district.