New Albany-Plain Local school board members are considering whether to move forward with a permanent-improvements levy for the November general election.

The board would have to approve a resolution of necessity at its next board meeting June 26, finance director Becky Jenkins said.

The resolution would not put the levy on the ballot, but would enable the Franklin County auditor to certify a levy rate and amount of money that would be collected, she said.

The deadline to file issues for the Nov. 7 election is Aug. 9.

Jenkins presented two options to board members at a June 7 work session.

The first would convert 2.5 mills of debt service, which is coming off the books Dec. 31, to a five-year permanent-improvements levy, she said. The 2.5-mill levy would generate $2.5 million.

The second option would be a 1.5-mill, five-year permanent-improvements levy, which would be a reduction of 1 mill for taxpayers, she said. This option would generate $1.5 million.

A permanent-improvements levy last was approved in 2004. District officials allowed it to expire in 2009, and its funds were exhausted in 2014.

Voters last approved an operating levy in 2012 with Issue 50, which included a 2.59-mill bond issue to build the 2-8 Learning Facility and a 4.24-mill permanent operating levy to generate $3.51 million.

Jenkins said $480,388 remains from a 2012 bond issue for a new school building and other districtwide permanent improvements.

In November 2014, voters rejected a 6.9-mill operating levy and a 2-mill permanent-improvements levy.

Both levies would have been permanent.

The district is spending about $1.3 million in permanent-improvements expenditures annually from the general-revenue fund, Jenkins said.