It's almost moving time for me, and one of the good (yet challenging) things about that is I need to clean out my pantry.

For those who don't cook at home very often, that isn't a difficult task. But for me, I have half-used jars of molasses, bags upon bags of unopened chocolate chips and bits of rare spices I've used in curries or Asian dishes that I don't want to take to my next home.

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This week, I've used up a few lingering items in my pantry to make some of my favorite meals: scrambled eggs with leftover frozen hash browns; asparagus "risotto" to use up a box of rice pilaf and my remaining goat cheese; and triple-chocolate-chip cookie bars to spoil my co-workers with the remaining chocolate chips I have. (Editor's note: It worked.)

The last time I moved, I made the mistake of thinking I would cook every single night until I moved. Of course, I didn’t, and that left dozens of items from the kitchen to pack at the last minute and more stress to clean the cabinets and shelving.

So this time around, I'm cooking as much as I can now through the next week and then calling it quits until everything is assembled in my new apartment.

What about you?

Are there any dishes you've made to use up the last of what is in your freezer or pantry? Send me your favorite (or disastrous) meals you've made before moving.

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