Local food trucks offer an impressive diversity of cuisine, from Hawaiian ice to Argentine comfort food. The question is: Is there room for more?

ThisWeek staffers answer the question: What type of food truck is missing from the local scene?

Sarah Sole: I can't think of anything we don't already have.

Scott Hummel: Our office is in a township, so pretty much all of them are missing.

Lisa Proctor: How about one serving nothing but specialty cheesecake slices?

Nate Ellis: One that attracts people who wear baggy clothing. Facial hair, optional.

Neil Thompson: A seafood truck that serves fried lake perch and walleye.

Dennis Laycock: I don't know of any Thai-food trucks.

Andrew King: I think our bases are pretty well covered.

Abby Armbruster: In general, I'd love to be able to find a food truck near our office in Lewis Center. All food trucks are missing from here.

Lee Cochran: In Lewis Center, all of them.