Pickerington City Councilman Brandon Ogden announced his resignation from City Council effective June 30.

Ogden made the announcement at a regular meeting of Pickerington City Council on June 6.

He said the decision to vacate his council seat was prompted by his move out of Pickerington and not in any way attributed to a recent drunken-driving conviction.

City Council members are required to live within the Pickerington corporation limits. Ogden said he is in the process of moving to Columbus to be closer to professional obligations there.

Ogden pleaded guilty June 1 in Fairfield County Municipal Court to a single count of operating a motor vehicle while impaired. The charge stemmed from a traffic stop Sept. 18, 2016.

"This has nothing to do with the case," he said. "I will be moving out of the city, so that's why I can't be on council anymore."

In his resignation letter which he read before City Council, Ogden apologized for the case and to all drunken driving victims and victim's families.

"There is no excuse for being irresponsible enough to drive while buzzed or drunk," he said.

Ogden was elected to Pickerington City Council in 2013. He is vice chairman of the service committee and a member of the finance committee.

He said his original plan was to serve out the remainder of his term through 2017 but not run for re-election in November.

"Other things timeline-wise moved everything up," he said.

Pickerington Mayor Lee Gray said Ogden is a "straightforward and thoughtful" member of City Council and he appreciated Ogden's candidness and dedication to the job.

"Brandon was great to work with, and he will be missed," Gray said. "He always asked good questions and listened to all sides of an issue before making a decision."

Ogden said City Council would conduct interviews in order to find his replacement.

"They are going to need to announce the vacancy and bring in people to interview before the entire council. Hopefully, they will all be in agreement," he said.

Ogden said the future looks bright for the city and he told City Council he is confident Pickerington will continue to experience success in the areas of economic development and financial stewardship.

"The current City Council and administration as well as those that came before us fostered a culture of not over-regulating development or those who wish to do business in the city," he said. "I believe if this continues, Pickerington will be a competitive force to be reckoned with in the central Ohio region."

Ogden said he appreciated the opportunity to serve on council the past four years.

"It was such a pleasure to have served the citizens of Pickerington, and I apologize if at any time I ever gave them any doubt in my ability to effectively serve," he said.