In my opinion, the UA City Council made a smart decision.

To the Editor:

In a near unanimous vote Monday, May 15, Upper Arlington City Council voted 6-1 against Preferred Living's four-story Luxe Apartment Project on Riverside Drive.

The citizen appellants, led by Terry Camerlengo and David Goth, reiterated concerns brought up in previous Board of Zoning and Planning meetings in greater detail. UACC acknowledged the dangers that Riverside Drive would present to Luxe residents and agreed the 2-mile detour needed to enter the complex legally from the north was a hurdle they could not get past.

Councilwoman Ralph added it would be especially difficult for senior renters, part of the diverse group of renters PL was hoping to attract. Councilwoman Casper also disapproved of the impact the building's height would have on surrounding neighbors. Councilman Greenhill voiced frustration over the complex nature of Riverside Drive because UA doesn't own or control that road. Councilmen Adams and King also voted no, voicing similar concerns.

The city planner and engineer also testified, reiterating previous findings that current sewer capacities could not handle the new project's load. Comments from current residents from the Landings, Arlingtowne and Canterbury Homeowner Associations also were heard.

In my opinion, the UA City Council made a smart decision. I believe this apartment complex would have put its renters at risk for traffic accidents as well as add to the number of accidents current residents and visitors already have to endure.

I'm thankful we have a city council that puts safety as a top priority. I also appreciate their time. Democracy works when we have leaders willing to listen and constituents willing to speak up.

Or, as Louis L'Amour put it, "To make a democracy work, we must be a nation of participants, not simply observers."

Melissa Fisher

Upper Arlington