Time-lapse video: ThisWeek page designer Abby Armbruster paints over her Tiny Messy Kitchen wall design.

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Moving is stressful and overwhelming. I know I'm not the first one who has come to that revelation, but for whatever reason, my most recent move has hit me in a deeper way than it has in the past.

The stress of moving out everything I own and finding a new spot for all my things has led me to old habits — specifically, going out to eat instead of cooking on my own.

With all my pots, pans, dishes and silverware still in boxes, my fiance and I have gone out to eat for almost every meal in the past week. Quite frankly, I'm getting sick of it. I know we're spending way more money by going out to eat, and we have to wait for someone else to make our food when we could be cooking it on our own.

Most importantly, I want to break in my new kitchen.

As nice as it has been to treat myself with Starbucks in the morning, I miss my coffeemaker and not having to wait in long caravans in the drive-thru lane. I hate having to reload my Starbucks gold card so frequently and to research restaurants to find dinner each night.

This phase is temporary, I know, but I cannot wait to be back to cooking my own meals and buying groceries again. And a bonus: My new home is within walking distance of a grocery store. I have walked there once to buy a snack since moving in, and I am excited to do it again.

For all of you who can relate to the struggle of finding a way to cook on your own after moving, I envy you. Even with a trenta iced coffee in my hand, I salute you.

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