Drivers will soon be asked to lower their speed from 35 mph to 25 mph on a long stretch of East Main Street in Reynoldsburg.

The speed limit will change permanently to 25 mph in the Olde Reynoldsburg area of East Main through an area opposite Carnival Ice Cream, at 7524 E. Main St., beginning a few days before July 24, Public Service Director Bill Sampson said.

"The change was a combination of two things: construction of a new water main and the fact that most businesses in Olde Reynoldsburg prefer the lower speed," he said. "You see that lower speed in areas of New Albany, Gahanna, Westerville and many other cities."

To keep traffic slow during the water main project, a 25 mph speed limit will go into effect on East Main Street from Lancaster Avenue to an area opposite Rev Cafe, at 7679 E. Main St., by July 24, Sampson said.

"Part of that change will only be in effect for the construction. However, the change to 25 mph from Lancaster Avenue to the area in front of Carnival Ice Cream on East Main Street will be a permanent change," he said.

Crews from Rock River Construction based in Lancasster will start on the $2.5 million water/sewer construction project July 24. Work is expected to run through November.

Sampson said the water main on East Main Street from Lancaster Avenue to about 700 feet east of the Waggoner Road/East Main Street intersection is "aged and undersized."

"The project will include placing approximately 3,350 linear feet of new 12-inch diameter water main," he said. "The work will take place in the roadway and sidewalk areas, resulting in several temporary roadway lane closures and detours."

Traffic pattern updates can be found on the city website at during the construction.

No council vote

Reynoldsburg City Councilman Chris Long said the change did not require a council vote.

"Pedestrian traffic has increased in that area over the past year, so we thought it would be prudent to reduce the speed limit a little further through town," he said. "We also have a couple of crosswalks in that area that are not controlled with traffic lights, so we are investigating putting in active crosswalks, where people can walk up and hit a button to light a flashing light in the crosswalk."

Long said because East Main Street is also state Route 40, the city is required to put up "reduced speed limit ahead" warning signs.

"I've talked to the mayor and the chief of police, and I was told this would not be a targeted area when it first begins, so people should have some time to get used to this, although replacing the water main also is timed to avoid tearing up brand new street pavement.

"We've been notified that the Ohio Department of Transportation would be repaving East Main Street next year, so we decided to replace the water main instead of waiting to do it, and then tearing up new pavement," he said.

Other streets affected

Sampson said the replacement project will include sanitary sewer rehabilitation on several streets, including Rocky Den Road, Rocky Den Court, Red Fox Court, Olde Mill Run, Red Fox Road, Hunt Valley Drive and Roundelay Road North.

"Since the sanitary sewers in this neighborhood are located in rear yards, this work will require the city's contractor and inspector to have access into the rear yard sewer easements," he said. "The contractor will not have to dig into the yards, but must have access to the manholes."

He said a total of 6,250 linear feet of sanitary sewer will be repaired and rehabilitated using the cured-in-place pipe method.

"This work is expected to begin in July and be complete in October," he said.

Storm sewer work

Storm sewers on Graham Road from Blacklick Creek (north of the five-way intersection) to Reynoldsburg United Methodist Church also will be replaced, as will those from Dysart Ditch to Brightstone Drive on Rodebaugh Road and on Creekside Place and Dickens Drive.

The storm sewer work could require temporary lane closures and detours on those streets, Sampson said.

That work also will begin in July and end in October.