After a brief ban, visitors to the Grandview Heights Municipal Pool can again bring coolers into the facility.

The city announced June 23 that after incidents of pool visitors illegally bringing alcohol into the pool, a new rule prohibiting coolers, open containers and glass containers would be enforced.

"We saw a kind of broad-based reaction on social media about the new rule," Parks and Recreation Director Sean Robey said June 27.

"We further reviewed it and talked with other parks and recreation departments, pool managers and our police department, and we are lifting the ban on coolers, although they will be subject to search before entry to the pool," Robey said.

Open containers with nonalcoholic beverages will be allowed, but glass containers remain banned, he said.

The new rule was imposed after at least three incidents of unruly behavior by visitors under the influence of alcohol since the new pool opened Memorial Day weekend, Robey said.

Beer cans and bottles also were being found in the pool's trash containers, he said.

"I think it may be with the new pool we're having an influx of new visitors" who were causing the problems, Robey said.

Alcohol has never been allowed at the pool, he said.