As you already read, I've been moving, packing, unpacking and organizing everything I own.

I've been able to make a full meal in my new home, but I'm still trying to find out the best drawer for the silverware and all my utensils.

Because things aren't really in a settled place, it doesn't inspire me to cook as much as I have.

But starting this Sunday, I'll be making a short-term change. I'm joining a 21-day workout and eating challenge.

This weekend, I'll be sent a grocery list, and I fully intend on prepping every meal I have to stick to that commitment. For too long, I've been slacking off in the healthful-eating department and not saying no to anything that’s bad for me. And having many meals to go from restaurants over the past few weeks has not helped.

I miss eating fresh vegetables and having a hearty meal. I hate seeing my credit-card bill rise from picking up restaurant meals on my way home from work.

Next week, you'll read how easy (or difficult) the meal prepping is, according to the challenge in which I'm participating. I'm hoping that including this on Tiny Messy Kitchen will keep me stay accountable so I stick with the plan.

I need a reset in my daily routine, and I need a reset in my cooking. I hope this can achieve both.

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