Andres Adorno is getting used to people calling him crazy.

The 35-year-old Liberty Township resident will tackle Pelotonia's 180-mile route – the longest one available, from Columbus to Gambier on Aug. 5 and back to New Albany on Aug. 6 – for his first time participating in the annual fundraiser for cancer research at Ohio State University's James Cancer Hospital.

Adorno said many people in his life have asked him if now is really the right time to tackle such an exhausting challenge. The answer lies in his role model.

Adorno's mother, Ada Suriel, a resident of Puerto Rico, is battling cancer for the second time in her life. Although the distance between mother and son is hundreds of miles, Adorno said, his mom is with him in spirit every time he rides.

"I'm just impressed every day with how strong she is," he said. "I'm just trying to duplicate that."

Adorno admitted his mother is one person who has questioned his decision to tackle the most-challenging route. He said his wife, Susan, also has expressed her concerns.

"She thinks I'm a little crazy given the fact that we do have a newborn," he said.

Adorno, a father of three, said his wife and mother both have been supportive, despite their worries.

The consultant for Marysville-based Roof Management said striking a balance among parenting, riding and working has been difficult at times.

Adorno, who moved to central Ohio from Florida about two years ago, said he chose the most difficult ride to honor cancer patients, who are unwillingly thrust into their own toughest battles.

"When it comes to cancer, it's not something you choose to get," he said. "It just happens."

Adorno said he has been building on his training week to week and thinks his work in July will be critical to his success. He said he views "trying to overcome the aches and pains" as crucial to completing the full ride.

Adorno said he would draw inspiration from his mother if he ever feels like giving up during the ride.

"She's always been very strong and positive about what she's trying to accomplish," he said.