John Lockwood keeps his sister's memory alive by participating in Pelotonia.

Lockwood, a Clintonville resident, will take part in his fifth Pelotonia ride Aug. 5 and 6.

"I think part of it, when I first started, it was a way to continue her legacy," he said of his sister, Sarah. "And I think also it was a way to redirect or reapply all of the frustration, anger and sadness into a vehicle for something positive."

He said he will pedal the 180-mile route, a two-day trip from Columbus to Gambier and back to New Albany. He had raised $4,095 of a $5,000 goal as of last month.

Lockwood said in August 2012, his sister was diagnosed with small-cell neuroendocrine carcinoma, a rare and aggressive form of cervical cancer.

She succumbed to the disease seven months later, leaving behind her husband, Billy Mohl, and their son, Hunter, who have since moved to Florida.

Lockwood, 29, said he was overwhelmed by the rapaciousness of the disease and how quickly it claimed his sister, who was 28 at the time of her death.

"She was amazing," he said. "She was a very energetic person, just a lovely human. And she was just like a bright star in people's lives. There wasn't anyone who met her who didn't instantly fall in love with her."

Lockwood participated in his first Pelotonia in 2013, the year of his sister's death and the same year he was accepted to the Ohio State University Fisher College of Business, where he received a master's degree in business administration. He is now a health-care strategist for an insurance company.

"I'm super addicted to biking now," he said. "In terms of a physical activity, it has a very positive effect on your physical health."

He lives with his fiancee, Bethany Brisbin, who is finishing up her residency in palliative care and pediatrics at Ohio State and Nationwide Children's Hospital.

Brisbin said she has been impressed by the dedicated community surrounding Pelotonia and the large network of support it provides.

"I think Pelotonia has become a very big part of John's life," she said. "He's very passionate about it.

"I bike for him. I can't say I enjoy it as much as he does, but I know how important it is to him and how important Pelotonia is to him."