No details are yet available, but the Reynoldsburg school board and the Reynoldsburg Education Association say they have reached tentative agreement on a new teachers contract, after only four days of negotiations.

Teachers are expected to vote on the agreement July 26.

Board President Joe Begeny confirmed July 14 that an agreement was reached July 13, although because he is a Columbus teacher, he was not permitted to sit in on the negotiations.

Board Vice President Rob Truex and board member Neal Whitman, along with the new superintendent, Melvin Brown, were a part of the negotiating team, Begeny said.

The current contract expires July 31.

“I don’t think we have ever reached a tentative agreement in modern history in Reynoldsburg before a teachers agreement has expired,” REA co-president Kim Cooper said.

“As far as the negotiations, I felt they were actual negotiations, as opposed to the last time,” she said. “They listened to us and we listened to them. We didn’t agree on everything, but it was nice to be listened to, and that was huge.”

Cooper said if teachers ratify the agreement, “it will be a great way to start off the new school year.”