As new students continue to enroll over summer break, Dublin City School District officials are likely to cap additional classes as enrollment statistics are updated.

Fourth-grade at Griffith Thomas Elementary School is now capped for students new to the district, as is kindergarten at Albert Chapman Elementary School, said Tracey Miller, Dublin's deputy superintendent.

New fourth-graders who would ordinarily attend Thomas will be sent to Mary Emma Bailey Elementary School, and new kindergarten students at Chapman will go to Old Sawmill Elementary School.

Second grade at Thomas was previously capped, but has since been reopened to new students, Miller said, because of a large number of withdrawals.

District employees are also monitoring seven additional grade sections that could be capped based on future enrollment statistics. Some classes on the watch list are within two students of being capped, Miller said.

Sections on the watch list include kindergarten, third and fourth grades at Eli Pinney Elementary School, kindergarten and third grade at Indian Run Elementary School, fifth grade at Daniel Wright Elementary School and fifth grade at Wyandot Elementary School.

The new school year begins Aug. 16, but enrollment occurs year-round, Miller said, and sections can be capped at any time.

Busing is provided for all students who attend a new school as a result of a capped section. Capped sections are posted at the district's welcome center.

Miller said he anticipates additional grade sections will be capped soon.

"We're just getting too many registrations," he said.

A growing district

According to growth projections, every area of the school district continues to grow, with very few exceptions, Miller said.

In the district's northwest quadrant, student enrollment is pushed by the Jerome Village and Riviera housing developments, Miller said.

The center of the district is also growing, although not as rapidly as the northwest quadrant, Miller said.

At Jerome Village, 900 lots have been constructed so far, and nearly 500 homes are occupied, said Carli Lanfersiek, marketing director with Nationwide Realty Investors. An additional 100 homes are in development.

Located off Avery Road north of the Belvedere subdivision, the Riviera development includes 152 acres of former golf course land being developed by M/I Homes and Davidson Phillips in a joint venture. A total of 185 lots are planned. Davidson Phillips controls 40, while M/I controls the remainder.

David Balcerzak, vice president of sales and marketing with M/I Homes, said M/I has sold about 45 single family homes and nine age-targeted homes (marketed toward those 55-years-old or older, but not age-restricted) since December.

While growth in the district's southeast quadrant can't be attributed to any new housing developments, starter homes in the area result in a cycle in which young couples move in, have children and remain until those children graduate from high school, Miller said.

From enrollment statistics collected in the first part of this month, Dublin Coffman High School has the highest enrollment, with 1,884 students. Dublin Jerome High School followed with 1,687 students. Dublin Scioto High School brought up the rear with 1,312 students.

Ann Simpson Davis Middle School is the district's largest, with 1,007 students. It is followed by John Sells Middle School at 931 students, Willard Grizzell Middle School at 870 students and Henry Karrer Middle School at 848 students.

Thomas is the largest elementary school, with 810 students.