Some people with warrants for their arrest in Licking County will have an opportunity to have those warrants recalled.

Licking County Municipal Judges David Stansbury and Michael Higgins recently announced that the court would hold amnesty days Aug. 4 and 14.

Anyone with an outstanding warrant issued by the Licking County Municipal Court may appear on those days and will be released and given a new court date. The warrant also will be recalled.

The amnesty will apply to criminal and traffic cases.

To participate, the defendant must contact the municipal court clerk at 740-670-7800 or arrive there by 10 a.m. the day he or she wants to appear.

The case will be added to the docket, and the judge will address the warrant.

Defendants wanting to plead not guilty will be released on their own recognizance, and defendants who want to resolve their case with a guilty or no-contest plea will be sentenced that day. If a jail sentence is imposed, the court will give consideration to allowing the defendant to report at a later date to serve a sentence.

For details, call 740- 670-7800 or visit