A complicated rezoning request that would allow for a second Rally's in Northland was delayed until the Aug. 30 meeting of the Northland Community Council's development committee.

Attorney James Maniace, representing Checkers Drive-in Restaurants Inc. -- Rally's parent company based in Tampa, Florida -- readily agreed to have the matter tabled at the advisory panel's July 26 session.

"We're comfortable however you require it," he said.

The rezoning from an existing commercial planned development approved in 2002 to another commercial planned development designation would be for a small section of the parking lot at the Morse Center, 2100 Morse Road, Columbus.

Complications arise, Maniace said, because when the shopping center originally was developed with a routine commercial zoning category, many of the rules for that designation were not followed.

That's why the developers turned to a commercial planned development designation, but that creates a problem for his client and the firm's desire to add a drive-in to the site, Maniace said.

The language is "carved in stone" and does not allow for the development of outparcels, Maniace said.

In addition, development committee Vice Chairman William Logan said many of the sections of the existing zoning text for the site have since been repealed.

Further, Maniace said the attorney for the Missouri-based owner of the shopping center is concerned that any rezoning attempts on behalf of Checkers Drive-in Restaurants Inc. might trigger the need to spend millions to bring the site up to current code with regard to things like lighting and landscaping.

"We want to keep existing conditions and we want to meet code, with very few exceptions, in the new parcel," Maniace said. "We do not want relief from landscaping requirements in our parcel."

In light of the issues raised in the application, including what Logan stressed were failures to address landscaping for the restaurant, Chairman Dave Paul asked Maniace if his client would be willing to delay getting a recommendation until the end of the month.

Paul, meanwhile, proposed that he and Logan would meet with the attorney to discuss specifics of the application.