A new restaurant in German Village will have what others recently have sought: a patio.

The yet-unnamed business will replace Happy Dragon restaurant, 277 E. Livingston Ave., and will have a 300-square-foot outdoor space to the south of the building.

Randy and Tina Corbin, owners of Club 185 tavern, also in German Village, will open the new restaurant. Happy Dragon, which had a different owner, closed several weeks ago.

The request for the patio has yet to be met with a public outcry from residential neighbors, which is in stark contrast to similar plans by Rockmill Tavern and Schmidt's Sausage Haus und Restaurant.

The Rockmill and Schmidt's proposals were rejected by the German Village Commission, the local architectural-review board, which approved the plans for the Happy Dragon revamp.

Schmidt's is embedded in a residential community, as Rockmill would have been. The Corbins' new venture is along a commercial corridor with residential properties to the west.

Greg Gamier, co-chairman of the German Village Business Community, said he sees no issue with the patio.

"There shouldn't have been any problems with it," he said. "If there were, it would be up to those neighbors to bring it up."

The Corbins could not be reached for comments about their plans.

Architect Bill Hugus, who was speaking on the couple's behalf, said the establishment would be reminiscent of Philco Bar + Diner, which offers high-end breakfasts and lunches and casual dinner service in the Short North.

Gamier said the Corbins have a good reputation as entrepreneurs.

"I'm looking forward to another breakfast place in the village," he said.

The Corbins own a number of other restaurant venues such as Little Palace, Rossi Bar & Kitchen and El Camino Inn.

Club 185, 185 E. Livingston Ave., is several blocks west of the Happy Dragon site.

Their plan is to open the new restaurant by the end of the year, Hugus said.

The building's second floor would be converted into a single apartment, he said.

The Corbins originally sought a 600-square-foot patio, but reduced it by half.

The Columbus Board of Zoning Adjustment on July 25 granted a variance that drew down the number of required parking spots from 31 to seven, which already are located on the site.

Additional parking spots will be located at the parcel adjacent to the west and at Livingston United Methodist Church, 200 E. Livingston Ave.