While you are enjoying the Dublin Irish Festival this weekend, I encourage you to thank one of our Community Service officers who volunteer their time to help keep the Dublin community safe.

Since 2013, CSOs have been an extension of the Dublin Police Department's staffing.

The program grew out of our desire to provide another partnership opportunity for the community to help keep Dublin safe.

We currently have 13 CSOs who volunteer at least eight hours of service a month.

The CSOs are a group of civilians who have graduated from the Dublin Citizen Police Academy and have then applied to serve in the CSO program.

The applicants then must undergo a rigorous background check and interview process before being selected.

Once selected, CSOs go through field training before they are put into service assisting our officers.

Essentially, they serve as extra eyes and ears for the Dublin Police Department so that our officers can focus on our priorities of reducing and preventing crime and enhancing traffic safety in the city.

In addition to being a big part of our safety presence at events such as the Dublin Irish Festival, St. Patrick's Day parade and Independence Day Celebration, the CSOs also help with daily patrol operations.

Community Service Officers handle extra patrols at our parks or areas where we might be experiencing thefts from vehicles. They assist with crime prevention, vehicle lockouts and business checks.

The CSOs also spend quite a bit of their time doing vacation house checks when Dublin residents are out of town.

We recently introduced a home security survey Community Service officers complete when conducting a house check.

This allows CSOs the opportunity to inform residents about things they can do to improve the safety and security of their homes.

Our CSOs tell us that volunteering in this capacity is very rewarding because they are helping the Dublin Police Department and their community.

The feelings are certainly mutual. We greatly appreciate the valuable time they dedicate to the police department and to Dublin community.

If you would like to learn more about our Community Service Officers program, visit DublinOhioUSA.gov/tv/dublin-community-service-officers.

Dublin Chief of Police Heinz von Eckartsberg submitted the City Notes column.