Alan H. Leamy was born in Maryland in 1902, and moved to Grandview Heights in 1905 when his father took the position of district manager of the Welsbach Co., which manufactured gas mantels.

Leamy was fascinated with automobile designs, and at age 25 became a stylist for the Marmon Motor Co. in Indianapolis. He later became the chief stylist for Cord/Duesenberg, designing America's first front-wheel-drive car, the 1929 Cord L-29.

Three of his trademark designs -- the graceful radiator shell, the artistic hood and the sweeping clamshell fender extending into the running board -- were evident in the famous Duesenberg Model J, the 1931 Auburn 8-98 and the LaSalle and Cadillac (inset), designed just before Leamy became the chief stylist at the LaSalle division of GM in 1934.

Leamy died at age 33 of septicemia from a medical procedure.